Things to Consider Before You Homeschool

A Few Tips to Consider before You Begin to Homeschool………

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There is so much information out there on homeschooling, and it can really overwhelm you!  I am going to keep it simple for you here! (Keep in mind, my children are between the ages of 8-11)

1. The best thing to do beforehand is to research HOMESCHOOL METHODS or STYLES online, to see which one best suits your style and personality, plus one that suits your family’s daily routine. It may even be more than one style or method! There is not a “one size fits all” approach. I learned this very quickly.

2. Thereafter, you want to begin studying and searching how your children learn best. If you know them well already, you may now know which one’s the kinesthetic learner, the auditory learner, or the visual learner! (Or all of those!)  This helps so much when you are searching for curriculum!

3. Think about what will fit your daily routine. Do you want an online schooling approach, lots of books, worksheets, more hands-on, less books, no worksheets, or zero online schooling? Do you want a “boxed type curriculum” meaning do you want to buy ALL of your child’s curriculum, for their grade, from one company and have it shipped to your door?

Homeschool Conventions– go to them! You will be so glad that you did. There are many curriculums that you can look at on site, and many classes in which you can learn from homeschooling parents who have been doing this for YEARS! They want you to ask questions. That’s why they are there! Plus, I personally think the homeschool convention experience is a lot of fun and can become a great family vacation every year!

The METHODS we favor are Classical, Eclectic, and the Charlotte Mason Method. I will not go into too much detail here, because it will overwhelm you! I will just share what we use to give you ideas! 🙂

Everyday we complete: memory work, reading, writing, english grammar, spelling, & math– I can relax knowing that these subjects have been accomplished!  *I also waited until my children were older to begin a formal/sitting type of learning* Even then.. it was NOT for a LONG period of time. (They need their breaks just like every other kid!)

Below is information & an example on what we use pretty much on a daily basis…

Note: If your child is at the age of 6 and under…Please enjoy having fun! Go outside, enjoy field trips, drawing, nature, family, and friends. Schooling will come soon enough. They are mainly in your home from birth until the next 18 years, BUT even then, it’s still SO SHORT. <3 Create great relationships!

Memory Work Cycles 1, 2, & 3: Classical Conversations

Phonics & Reading: Explode the Code Workbooks, the Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Your Child to Read, & Phonics Pathways, & All About Reading

Writing & English Grammar: Institute for Excellence in Writing

Spelling: All About Spelling, Spelling City, & Spelling Street Workbooks

Math: Saxon Math, Abeka Math, Life of Fred Series, Master Books

Here are great beginning tips for homeschooling from Abeka + two great associations to become apart of-  HSLDA & FPEA.










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